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I travel. Alot. I will end this year flying almost 53,000 miles for business. I travel with a skateboard. I research relentlessly to find out when they are re-surfacing D.O.S. in Portland or the fickle hours for some ghetto park in NorCal or cab fare from The Third Lair into Minneapolis. This research and diligence pay great benefits. For every time I get the stares and hassle from the folks in First Class about what the hell I am carrying (Miniature Golf clubs - I am a travelling pro) I love my barge bag like nothing else. If I am stranded I find a park. If a meeting goes poorly - I find a park. I find friends. I find community in places that are made cold by the business climate. It keeps me going. It keeps me passionate and keeps me alive. So for all you all who have tolerated the old guy from Colorado crashing your park in the last 18 months. THANKS. I'll be back soon.