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Panama 2006

  • The Price
    In the spirit of adventure and having new experiences together, the Missus and I rolled the dice on some informal recomendations and an ad from the back of Surfer Magazine for a 'Private Surf Island' off the coast of Panama. Suffice to say - we had a great, diverse crew on the island, scored some of the best - and longest waves - I have ever ridden and already have the island booked for next year. This is the DL from Morro Negrito - 2006.

'Round The Hood

  • Canute 2006 - Bring It On
    So, we live at 8,040 feet. We commute via bike some 17 - odd miles and 3,200 feet of vertical down to Boulder, most days. On the other days, we are running, skiing, snowboarding, hiking, drinking beer in the meadows and ridges around the house. The natural environment is something we are immersed in every day. This album is an attempt at reflecting on and capturing some of the beauty that we are immersed in every day. After a decade and a half of this - I am just getting warmed up and feel like a tourist seeing it for the first time every day. All these photos are in the hood - in the yard. It's a hellofa yard.

Colorado Trail 2004

  • Day 8 - Kennebec Pass
    In August of 2004 an assortment of riders from Nederland, Belgium and Northern California set out to ride some 320 miles of trails across the amazing state of Colorado. This is their story.


  • Dheel2
    Being that we live at 8,040 feet, weather, and snow are both a huge part of life. We shovel it, ride through it, ride on it, pray for it, curse it. We love it. Whether it's burying the ramp, blowing into hug lip launches at Edlora or carrying us over a cornice in some distant part of the state - it is a huge part of our constitution.

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January 16, 2009



hey man your office is awesome- I took a new sneak that cuts from the airport down to 61st and it turned into a minefield of goatheads. I replaced one tube, but far to many pricks to patch so I rode the rim a couple of miles to cp looking for you and begging for a tube. The nice ladies @ fr desk directed me to the shop when I could not find you- and dude gave me a free tube. thx owe a beer.



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